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We know how to get businesses up and running.

Our Merchant Services team assists your business in being able to accept credit/debit cards and alternative payment methods for your businesses, regardless of the industry.




How We Can Help

  • We specialize in establishing and maintaining merchant accounts for high volume e-commerce businesses.


  • Cutting-edge technology, including access to the most secure payment gateways, and antifraud tools.
  • Cutting edge Point of Sale (PoS) Equipment.
  • Relationships with hundreds of banks.
  • Around the clock service and support.

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Merchant accounts deal with the management of electronic payment transactions for merchants. These are authorized financial services that allow a business to accept credit card or bank debit card transactions using online ordering or point of sales systems.

Our experts at Corepay specialize in merchant accounts. We strive to eliminate the often-intentional confusion and price gouging that plagues the industry. Corepay promotes price transparency for all of our merchants and our goal is to simply help the businesses of our clients to  increase their revenue by providing a bespoke payment processing strategy for each of their specific needs.

How We Can Help

Our vast network of professionals assist with merchant accounts for high volume e-commerce merchants who look to  accept credit/debit cards from their customers.


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Florida Office: (407) 906-0383